8 Types of Goals you Should Have

Eight may sound like a lot when the average person usually picks one or two “resolutions” for the year. Why limit yourself? When planned well your goals are so easily achievable and there are eight aspects of life I believe to be huge priorities. You could write these down as well as one measurable goal you hope to achieve in a year for each category! It’s a great practice for when you’re ready to conquer the new year.

8 types of goals

This is only an example;

Sample goal sheet

     1. Health

     This is probably the #1 goal of many. Whether it’s to lose weight, get in shape, or to eat better there are so many different ways people tie health into their everyday routines and goals. Start your list with the top health goal that most resonates with you. It can be literally any health related change you’d like to see. 

    2. Beauty

     I know, it sounds shallow, but hear me out. This category isn’t just about looks. It has underlying health benefits as well. Whether you’re a man or woman everyone likes to keep up with their appearance and hygiene. Maybe you want healthier skin or hair? Whatever it may be, pick your “glow up”. Just kidding, don’t call it that, but if you want to say goodbye to your acne by the end of the year write that down!

    3. Knowledge

     A very underrated thing to want. Knowledge is power, and even when we’re out of school there is so much left to learn! You can get into college or learn a skill. Even just something as easy as reading a book or two. Just remember to keep these measurable. Never write down anything like “get smart” as your goal. 

    4. Home

     If you have no aspirations regarding your place of residency you might not even be human. Home is the most important place on earth. Do you want to buy a house? Grow that dream garden? Finally remodel the kitchen? Decorate your dorm room? Find that thing you want most in your home and write it down!

    5. Transportation

     This one may not resonate with everyone. Maybe you’re the type of person that races, builds, or even just really like vehicles. Maybe, you don’t even have a car and take the bus or taxi. Either way I’m sure you have vehicle goals whether it’s a new car, a bicycle, upgrades to your current vehicle, buy a boat, who cares! If you can’t think of anything in this category skip it or switch it out for something specific you’re passionate about.

     6. Finances

     This one is huge! Everyone has career goals, and usually without money the other goals will be much harder to accomplish. Trying to get promoted? Trying to save a certain amount of money? Take a close look at where you want to be financially, and you will get there!

     7. Family

     One of my favorites. We all have a family whether you have kids, a spouse, a dog, or maybe you’re a single young adult and have your parents and friends. Family isn’t always just blood related. Do you have marriage and baby goals? Want a dog? Can be something so simple, just remember to make it measurable!

     8. Fun

     Last but not least, fun! With all the hard work you’re putting into the other aspects of your life this is so important. What do you do for fun? Get a boat or a camper? Go on a trip? There are so many things you can choose for this one.

     Write down your top 8 goals that apply to you and make sure they are specific enough to measure! I know I say that a lot, but if it’s not there’s no way to really know for sure at the end of the year whether you accomplished it or not. Stay tuned on some routines to help meet those goals! Creating Yearly Routines & Schedules for Your Goals has some pretty neat time management tips!

Drop some in the comments if you’d like. I’d love to hear your goals, and maybe they can inspire others!