Time Management: Morning Routines for Reaching Goals & Things to Schedule

     Sometimes it is hard enough just to wake up in the morning, let alone wake up and get started on everything. Even though we may be running late, tired, etc. it is best to have a routine to make our whole day go a lot smoother and according to plan! 

Basic morning routine example

1) Get Moving

     If you start as soon as possible your body is awake and stays awake. Whereas, getting up slow and lazing around can only make it harder and make you want to go back to sleep. Pressing snooze will only make you more tired. It can throw off your REM cycles and basically ruins the sleep you just got. 7-9 hours of sleep is ideal for adults. Science suggests 90 minutes is a full REM cycle, so 7.5 hours would be the perfect sleep time. Try making breakfast and coffee as a start to wake up! 

2) Breakfast 

     Eating breakfast will always kick start your day. Try pairing it with ice cold fruit water or hot tea! Tea is really good for you and a great energy booster. Of course, some days you might treat yourself to coffee instead. I personally have both but limit my coffee to just a very small amount here and there. On the weekends, I go full coffee all the way. Either way you’ll feel more energetic. Take some daily vitamins as well after breakfast to get going.

3) Look Great 

     Some days you might shower or do your makeup. Whatever it is, we all have our own beauty routine. You may want to start by getting a nice outfit together. Layer up if it is cold to ensure all day comfort. Whatever it is, make it comfortable and cute! Be hygienic and shower when you must. If you’re a woman, figure out a makeup routine that works for you. It will become easier to get ready if you are consistent. Maybe somedays you have a more natural look, no makeup, or you really go all out! Like no makeup on mondays for example. That’s what I do, especially since I like to shower Monday mornings, and the rest at night. I go natural on Mondays and increase the amount of makeup to full-face, hair, outfit, etc. on Fridays. I like the build-up and I’m not spending all morning getting ready everyday. Looking your best equals feeling your best!

4) Gather Everything for The Day 

     If you work outside of the home or go out most days take a nice refreshing lap around the house to make sure you have everything you will need for whatever it is you’d like to accomplish for the day. Take a good look around and keep a clean purse or bag to put everything in. Organization always leads to a great day! If you’re like me and you just started working from home I’m sure this is a useless step to take every morning, but it is good to do every time you go out.

Start with what’s possible, then suddenly you’re doing the impossible!

     Your morning will set the tone for the rest of the day. If you can set a good schedule for you and practice making it a habit, many of your days will become less worrisome. Manage your time so priorities get done sooner and you have more time to accomplish goals! What are some of y’alls morning routines? Comment below!

3 thoughts on “Time Management: Morning Routines for Reaching Goals & Things to Schedule

  1. These are great tips especially about breakfast and looking great! I always feel that my day goes better when I put effort into how I look. It really lightens your mood when you’re feeling down.

    Liked by 1 person

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