Time Management: Creating a Monthly, Weekly & Daily Schedule with Routines that Accomplish Goals

What would your ideal monthly, weekly & daily schedule look like? You can try to plan it by day of the week. For example, weekdays could be usually more priority and goal accomplishing, where as the weekends could be more fun and mental-state oriented.

Week outline example

Life changes every month whether we see it happening or not. There are so many events and other priorities that come up month by month. These are just as important as the other things we focus on in our routines and schedules.

At the end of every month review your calendar!

Go through the previous month and delete the accomplished tasks. Not only will you be able to reschedule stuff you didn’t get to, but it creates feeling of accomplishment to see all the stuff you did in just one month. Move stuff you did not complete and still need to do over to next month. Add events, holidays, appointments, important tasks, bills anything you need to remember for the month.

What should weekdays include?

Again, this is all up to you, but the ideal daily routine has many things we already do!

1. Morning routine

What you do before starting your day. The better you complete this the better your whole day will be! Check out Time Management: Morning Routines for Reaching Goals & Things to Schedule for some suggestions!

2. Work/school routine

We all have our routines for work. Even if you don’t work a normal 9-5 you can still create hourly goals for your work. It lessens the load and helps create better efficiency.

3. After work/school routine

Get home make, maybe some tea and do whatever it is you do to refresh from a long hard day of work.

4. Goal Routine

Now is where you can choose one of your actions to move towards completing a goal as mentioned in Creating Yearly Routines & Schedules for Your Goals. Maybe yesterday you did something for your finance goals so today you move down the list for your family goals. Does that mean date night? Quality time with the kids? You get the point. I personally with come up with something I can do inside, outside, and around town and then move down my goals so it’s something different most of the time.

5. Bedtime Routine

Workouts, yoga, brushing teeth, washing face, have tea, and reading to yourself or children are all great things you might consider for before bed

It is so easy! You’re taking the stuff you already do and adding a dedicated time for the things you probably wouldn’t normally have the time for.  A morning, work, after work, action to accomplish goal, and a bedtime routine. In that order! You won’t do everyday exactly the same, so don’t worry about getting stuck in a boring routine. Just take the things you already do and be more efficient so you can spend more time accomplishing new goals!

Your morning routine can include showers, breakfast, vitamins, anything you need to do each morning to be your best all day! If you can do it within 1 hour that’s great, but if not break it up into 2 hours. For work or school create hourly goals or small wins to work smarter, not harder! After that, you  might make dinner, clean up some garbage and dishes. Anything like that. Then put aside an hour to pick a goal to work on. Let’s say you focus on knowledge and read a book for an hour about something you want to learn. Others days you might do yardwork or work on cleaning the garage. Whatever goal you are focusing on. 

On Mondays, you might consider doing the important things for the week so you don’t have to worry about it.

Bills, appointments, anything you absolutely have to have done that week. Cleaning is great too, as you can refresh the house after the weekend and have it nice until next weekend. LOL

Figure out a way to mix up your eight goals, and actions you created for them.

Doesn’t matter how, just mix them up so everyday is different! If you have an extra hour or so before you need to get ready for bed, after you complete one switch to another goal.

Bedtime routines are very underappreciated.

If you don’t exercise in the mornings this is a great time. You could start easy and throughout the week push harder with yoga, jogging, lifting weights, etc.. If you prefer to shower at night do that or maybe you just wash your face and brush your teeth. Mix it up if you want to each night. Read a book to the children or for yourself- this is a great time for self care.

Write it down, whatever you want to accomplish each day.

On Fridays you can omit some things and add funner stuff!

A cheat day, perhaps. If you get paid on Fridays, maybe look at your budget and do your shopping for the week. Make a new recipe, watch a movie, do some art. However you relax and get ready for a busy weekend of fun!

Example weekly schedule outline

On the weekend do whatever you want!

You might spend more hours on those goals and then later start doing things like going out for dinner, camping, going to the lake whatever it is you like to do for fun. Just break it down hourly and enjoy your weekend!

This is all about structuring your time to be more efficient! It will change throughout the years, but remember it takes 21 days to build a habit. The more consistent you are the more successful you will be. Build your schedule how it best fits your life and see the results over time! Time management baby let’s go!!!

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