Breaking Down Your Goals Using Time Management to Build Effective Routines & Schedules

It’s no secret that to accomplish your goals, you need a realistic plan of action. That plan should be very specific so you know the exact steps to take. A good habit takes time to build.

Measurable time-frames

1. Your goals should be measurable by year.

Measurable is a very important keyword in goals, right after specific. It’s very hard to reach goals if you “might maybe get it done in the near future hopefully”. All other time-frames are stepping stones that get more detailed the shorter they are.  Plan out your year by breaking it down into easier increments. Create a monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly schedule. If you can stay consistent in your routines your yearly goals will quickly turn into your reality in the easiest stress-free way possible!

You are making a routine, yet it will never be the same thing everyday.

If you don’t like doing the same thing everyday, you’re in luck. These schedules are customizable to each individual so you’ll just be plugging in new things to your “to-do list” every month, week, day, etc…. Have a basic “structure” to your time that you can utilize in any situation. If your weekly schedule includes the same things for specific days of the week that’s okay! But that doesn’t mean your daily routine should be the same for every different day of the week. I will have the same time set aside for things but each day I do it a different way. For example, Monday night you do your yoga routine and it builds up until Thursday night your doing a full-blown workout video in your bedtime routine. Want mornings to be more exciting? Come up with different ways to get ready, different things to do, different lengths to take!


2. Every month look at holidays, appointments, bills, and anything else that is a priority to have on your schedule and plan for in advance

The best thing to do at the end of the month is take time to plan the big things for next month. Life is so much easier when you’re not forgetting something important coming up! It also gives you a chance to review your calendar, remove anything you completed (then pat yourself on the back) and move anything you may have needed to put off to next month. This way nothing falls through the crack in your calendar.

3. Every week, do the same but with new arriving priorities and events

Make sure to add important things you need to get done on Mondays. You can try to get everything done at the start of the week so you don’t have to worry all week and that gives you time throughout the week for anything you weren’t able to accomplish.

4. Every day needs it’s own plan including good routines to have throughout the day!

Each day of the week organize your time by the hour by plugging in stepping stones to reach goals or just get done what you need. Hourly goals are how you can prioritize things you need to do and challenge yourself to complete the tasks at hand. Time management, let’s go!!

Pick some yearly goals or resolutions to start!

8 Types of Goals you Should Have can help you narrow down specific goals in many everyday aspects of life!

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