Why Time Management, Routines, and Schedules are so Important to Accomplish Goals

Everyone has goals for their life. Too many stress on how they will get there now, and never actually form the habits needed to accomplish those goals. A habit takes 21 days of consistency to form. That’s why routines and schedules are SO important. Imagine being consistent in those habits for a year. Where could you be? Taking some time to PLAN your moves can save you hours, weeks, months, etc..

Did you know only about 18% of people actually have a time management system in place? That’s crazy to me! Wayyy less than that even actually write it down. If I recall correctly it was like 2% I heard in a work meeting. TWO PERCENT. So I guess my only question is, why? I’m sure there is many answers to that because it’s not like everyone wakes up one day with their whole life planned out. I just can’t even imagine my life if I just went about it like that. I know with 100% certainty I would not be even close to where I am now had I not “designed” my life the way I do.

About 1/3 of people have a to-do list. That is great, but life is way more than a to-do list. What about your goals, hobbies, the things that make you happy? Priorities come first of course, but once you have those out of the way there’s a whole world that opens up of things you can add into your schedule. Around 25% of people use their inbox to manage time, appointments, etc.. that’s awesome for work, but life is way more than that!

Making a plan

Do you ever think, who am I? What am I doing with my life? How should I be spending my time? What do I focus on? These are commonly asked questions but it seems some people know exactly who they are and what they are doing. If you study everyone around, you will learn there are many things in common the people you look up to have with how they manage their time. With this being said, come up with a daily “schedule”. When you have great time management, you see the results almost instantly. Just make it your own!

There’s several articles on this site you can use.

1. Define your goals

Don’t worry if you can’t decide right away how they apply to YOUR life directly. Just write down the key points and fill in as many blanks as you can, the rest will find it’s way. Stay tuned for my planner that has it ALL in one place!

First, you obviously need to know what you want to accomplish in life before you start, right? On a yearly basis sit back and jot down things you can accomplish within a year. There are 8 important aspects of life (as far as the more physical things in life go) you should consider creating a specific goal for. Any goal you can think of are likely to fit into 1 of these 8 types of goals. Make it specific and measurable so you can hold yourself accountable!

Types of goals

2. How to break those goals down into routines

Have a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily, routine that works for your life. Break everything into things you can accomplish in about an hour or less and you’ll be set to acheive anything you set your mind to! Creating a monthly, weekly & daily Schedule with routines that accomplish goals can organize your life so you always know what you’re doing and when. Creating yearly routines & schedules for your goals is great to reflect every year and renew your daily schedule to start your new year off with a bang. Yearly and monthly is more to reflect and renew your daily schedule because life changes so much and so should your plan! Monthly is to make sure everything you need to remember is on your calendar.

Basic week routine

3. Challenging yourself with hourly goals

It’s SO much easier to quickly complete your tasks with a timeline. Breaking life down into hourly goals is a wonderful way to stay on track and hold yourself accountable. Don’t you feel more refreshed when you restart? With this every hour you restart! Not only is everyday a new day, but every hour is new as well.

Hourly schedule example

4. Many other beneficial routines and habits to form

From morning routines, to bedtime routines and everything in between there are so many ways to handle the necessities while including new actions that can help you accomplish your goals. Morning, work/school, after work/school, goal accomplishing, bedtime routines, etc .. however the structure of your day goes!

Example morning routine

Why do this?

  • It will help you build a plan of action, to consistently build off of
  • It will help you focus on your goals and how to get there
  • Never worry about what you should be doing, and when

Time management helps immensely in managing stress.

These posts are all one size fits all; we constantly evolve as we learn and grow — but it’s good to know when to focus on something specific. Articulating your goals may just give you more clarity on how to get there.

These few posts are the best way to start:

1. Breaking Down Your Goals

2. 8 Types of Goals you Should Have

3. Creating a Yearly Plan of Action

4. Creating a Weekly & Daily Plan of Action

5. Creating an Hourly Plan of Action

I am always available to help if you have any questions or anything!

Scroll down for the next post!

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